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Blockchain projects

Through PR, Community Building, Events Supporting and Fund Raising we help you to get through all the progress.
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We connect projects with the most powerful crypto and tech media platforms to help you reach the blockchain industry community.

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Online Marketing

A great brand is a necessity for any project. Our online marketing specialists understand the mindset of digital asset investors. We understand the best way to reach this community and establish a trusting relationship.

Community building


Community building

A strong community is a necessity for any project. Our community managers understand how to build and operate your community. We have the ability to help you build a strong community with data from millions of users. 


Events and conference support ​

TEAMZ hosts a blockchain summit twice a year to that gathers the top blockchain industry participants from all over the world. We also host monthly meetups to build an ecosystem that connects blockchainers.

Fundraising support, investors in a table


Fundraising support

We leverage our existing industry connections and VC heritage to connect our partners to the most respected investors. We also invest directly with our partners that create incentives which are fully aligned.