Early stage blockchain design

Early Stage

Blockchain projects

The TEAMZ’s Network brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in strategy, technology, legal and branding to grow an idea into a secure and successful fully functional project.

Polygon draw


Strategic Advisory

We help our partners establish their first building blocks and leverage to rapidly scale. We craft creative solutions and new approaches to minimize the risks and maximize the rewards.

Whitepaper review



Professional whitepaper writing to present your venture to prospective investors in a comprehensive but easy to understand format.

Blockchain Team


Team Building

Through our extensive network in Asia and globally, we help our partners build their teams from identifying the best candidates and advisors to supplementing the team.


Legal and Tax consulting

We provide a range of legal and tax consulting services for new businesses to navigate the dynamic regulatory environment, especially within the rapidly changing digital asset space.

Coding blockchain


Technological Guidance

We provide cutting-edge technology to empower our partners to ensure the security and independence of the product. We offer a full suite of technology services relating to digital assets.

Website design


Brand building​

Logo + Website + Video + Presentation + Design
We prepare all the materials that will be used during the ICO life cycle.